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While Viagra and Cialis are most commonly prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction, these mediations do not work for everyone.  When they do work, a substantial percentage of men experience severe headaches, congestion and back pain. 

If Viagra or Cialis are not right for you, Trimix may be your solution.


What is Trimix?

Trimix is a combination of three medications  that include alprostadil, phentolamine and papaverine. When injected at the base of the penis, Trimix is scientifically proven to relax the penis and improve blood flow.  As a result, most men will achieve an erection within 10-30 minutes, with the duration of the erection lasting between 1-2 hours. 

To achieve an optional outcome, your provider may recommend a penile ultrasound to diagnose the cause of your ED prior to prescribing Trimix.  Your provider may also start you on a low dose of Trimix and increase the dosage until you achieve your desired outcome. 

While Trimix can be prescribed for any man with ED, the medication is often reserved for men who do not respond to, or are unable to take Viagra/Cialis. Men with heart disease and diabetes often benefit from Trimix. 

Yes, the thought of injecting a needle into your penis may sound intimidating. However, over 80 percent of men who use Trimix report that they are highly satisfied.

How Do I Book a Consultation? 

For additional information or to book your consultation, click the Contact Us  button,  call us at 587.635.3414 or text us at 780.800.9931

What is the Consultation Process?

Initial Consultation Duration: 60 Minutes

Consultation Fee: $150.00 (consultation fee is waived if moving forward with treatment on the same day)

Program Enrolment Fee: $875.00 

Treatment Program: Medical history, physical exam, medication review, baseline bloodwork and analysis, penile ultrasound (if necessary), prescriptions, and monitoring.

Quarterly Follow up: $175.00 

Prescription Costs: Costs of prescriptions are extra and price varies based on your benefits coverage, etc.

How May We Help?

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