ESTROGEN vastly improves quality of life for women. This hormone is responsive for muscle tone, strong and shining hair, skin and nails, and for sexual libido.


After 40, as estrogen decreases, may women notice a reduction in lean muscle mass, increased wrinkles, and decreased libido. If allowed to continue, the loss of estrogen following menopause is associated with increased obesity, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, and increased risk for health disease and stroke. More recent research has identified that reduced levels of estrogen as women age is a significant risk factor for the development of Alzheimer’s.


Thankfully, the addition of bio-identical hormones provides women with an opportunity to safely continue to optimize their estrogen level as they age.


The result is improved quality of life and vitality, and a reduction in chronic illness.

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Consultation Process

Initial Consultation Duration: 60 Minutes

Consultation Process: Medical history, medication review, baseline bloodwork and analysis, prescriptions, monitoring, and quarterly follow-up.

Initial Consultation Fee: $375

Quarterly Follow up Duration: 30 Minutes
Quarterly Follow up Fees: $175

Prescription Costs: Costs of prescriptions are extra and price varies based on your benefit coverage etc.


Maintain muscle mass, reduce belly fat, increase libido, and improved skin quality.