While TESTOSTERONE has long been recognized as the "male sex hormone,” testosterone is responsible for sexual libido and sexual responsiveness in both men and women.


Optimal testosterone levels during youth result in the development and maintenance of muscle strength and lean muscle mass.


Further, continued optimization of testosterone as we age results in a reduction in the occurrence of belly fat, obesity, arthritis, degenerative joint disease and the progression of type 2 diabetes in men. Mental health, cognitive function and sexual libido are also improved.

In general, men and women who optimize their testosterone as they age report an overall improvement in their quality of life and a reduction in the occurrence of chronic diseases.

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Consultation Process

Initial Consultation Duration: 60 Minutes

Consultation Process: Medical history, medication review, baseline bloodwork and analysis, prescriptions, monitoring and quarterly follow-up.

Initial Consultation Fee: $375

Quarterly Follow up Duration: 30 Minutes
Quarterly Follow up Fees: $175

Prescription Costs: Costs of prescriptions are extra and price varies based on your insurance coverage etc.


Build and maintain muscle mass, reduce belly fat, increase libido, and sexual performance.