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Destination Surgical Hair Transplant

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Destination Surgical Hair Transplant

​ReGenesis is very proud to announce that we have partnered with Pulse Protocol to assist our Western Canada clients with an affordable, worry-free, hair transplantation.  

Clients that are interested in hair transplantation can now be assured that all pre and post care can be done at home, here in Canada.  Prior to your surgery,  ReGenesis clients will receive  a comprehensive individualized hair and scalp assessment, pre-surgical blood work, prescription, pre-surgical inject therapy treatment(s) as needed and will coordinate with your selected provider to develop your individual treatment plan based on your hair loss history, physical exam and blood work results. 

When you return home, ReGenesis will be here to provide you all the post operative care including monthly injection therapy treatments, vitamin supplementation, pain management and issues resolution.



What does the ReGenesis and Pulse Protocol relationship mean to our clients?

  • Medical travel risks are minimized as clients have ReGenesis dedicated to managing pre and post care

  • Surgical outcomes are optimized as clients have access to all the post care protocols required

  • All travel arrangements are coordinated 

  • Free Transfers in a VIP vehicle 

  • Private Interpreter (if necessary)

  • Five star hotel accommodations 

  • ReGenesis clients will be supported through the entire process by our clients relations team


For additional information or to book your in-person or virtual consultation, click the Contact Us  button,  call us at 587.635.3414 or text us at 780.800.9931. 

For information regarding our non surgical regenerative treatment options, click here.

DISCLAIMER: All surgical hair transplants are completed onsite, by physicians and technicians at one of the vetted Pulse Protocol  surgical locations. ReGenesis is not responsible for individual outcomes.

ADVISORY: Canadians traveling outside Canada, should consult the Health Canada website before booking procedures or travel.

ReGenesis Pre Assessment

Appointment Duration: 1 hour 

Consultation Fee (waved if move forward same day): $150

Pre-Surgery Fee (includes assessment and 1 injection therapy : $850

Lab Tests: Free

Pulse Protocol

Duration: Up to 5+ days including travel, procedure and onsite post care 

Hair Transplant : $TBD


ReGenesis Post Care 

Packages available based on the recommendations of your surgical team.

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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration and Transplant

Individualized non-surgical hair restoration and transplant programs now available for

men and women.

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