Vampire Facelift

Take your injectable cosmetic treatment to the next level!

The Vampire suite of injectable cosmetic services combines Health Canada approved dermal fillers with platelet rich plasma (PRP).  

The combination of PRP (liquid gold), obtained from your on blood, combined with dermal fillers, provides exceptional volumization, while stimulating your body's own ability to create new collagen.  


The results, immediate volumization and improved skin collagen that can last up to three years.  

Appointment Duration: 1 Hour
Consultation Fee: Free
Pain Management: Prescription numbing cream
Number of Syringes: Two recommended

Volume of PRP: 6 cc

Full Outcome to be Realized: Two Weeks
Lasts for:  1 - 3 years (for most clients)

Cost: $1800+

Vampire Facelift

Reverse the signs for aging with combined platelet rich plasma and dermal fillers for incredible long lasting and natural results.