Phase 1 Fat Loading

You will begin your injections and fat load for two days. Fat loading is the most important part of this program. This phase is what will make the program succeed or fail. There are no restrictions on how much food you eat or what you drink over these two days but stick to high fats rather than sugars and starches. Make a list of your favourite foods. You will regret not getting it all in.


Expect to gain 2-6 pounds during your fat loading days, remember it is temporary. By day four you will weigh less than you did on day one. No matter how much explaining is done to reassure the client that this is a very necessary step, and that the weight gained during this time will be quickly lost, many clients continues to only partially comply. Within the first two weeks, there is a significant difference between clients who ‘ate to capacity’ and those who did not, mainly in the areas of energy and hunger. 

Phase 2 Eating Habits Change

Day three you start the 500 calorie-a-day diet. You will continue the HCG injections and 500 calorie/day diet for 23, 30 or for 40 days. If your last day of injection is on the 23rd day, then you would continue the 500 calorie diet for two additional days (days 24 and 25). Commence Phase 3 on day 26. If your last day of injection is on the 40th day, then you would continue the 500 calorie/day diet for days 41 and 42, making day 43 your first day of Phase 3.


We have found that spacing your meals throughout the day helps to avoid any hunger pangs and keeps your blood sugar levels constant. Eating a fruit mid-morning, then a protein and vegetables for lunch, and then a protein and vegetables for dinner, with a fruit for either an afternoon or evening snack is very effective. However, you may skip all food until noon if you wish. Do what feels best for you.


Phase 3 Sustainment

Phase 3 is very important as you will be resetting your metabolism and your hypothalamus gland to your new weight set point. To be successful, you must never gain over 2 pounds or lose less than 2 pounds of it. If you ever go beyond the 2 pound fluctuation either way, you must do a correction day.



After 72 hours has passed from your last day of injection, you will start an increased diet of 1500 daily calories for women and 1800 for men. For the first week you will add different allowable proteins, vegetables, and fruits allowed. You will continue to avoid all sugars, starches, and carbs for 21 days. You will use good fats to cook with, and acceptable oils can be added to salads, but in moderation. Start adding back in milk or cream in your coffee or tea, but you must still avoid caution foods (cheese, nuts, wine, and high fat foods) until week two. We first need to find out what your required daily calorie intake is for maintaining. If you find your weight increasing on the calorie intake number you start with, then cut back your calorie intake by 100 calorie increments. If you find you are losing weight, then add in 100 daily calorie increments until you find your weight is holding. Your primary calorie intake should consist of: 3 servings of protein daily (4-8oz each), 1-3 servings of fruit daily, and 3 servings of vegetables daily (2-6 cups each) per day. 


Even though it would be a bonus to lose more weight, at this point your body will more than likely regain it. Resist and lock in this weight for now. If you continue to lose weight because you are not eating enough, then you risk losing the wrong type of fat and the possibility of not setting a new weight point. You can lose more weight in phase 4 but only by exercise and healthy eating. DO NOT SKIP MEALS or drastically reduce your calories! This will help keep your metabolism at a healthy weight point. Remember, you may restart another round of the program after the 6 weeks.


Once your weight is holding, which could be as soon as day 5 into stabilization, you can start introducing caution foods. One new caution food each day and make it a small serving. Take advantage of how clean your body is. Every time you reintroduce any foods watch for possible allergy symptoms. You must continue weighing yourself and recording your weight each morning. 

Phase 4 Maintenance

The Diet never ends; it is a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In order to keep this new weight and these healthy choices you must be diligent and hard working. Without such a future commitment and plan, the benefit achieved on the DIET will be slowly eroded over time and the body will return to its previous state of obesity.


The DIET will take off the weight, reset your metabolism and give you a second chance. However, it is certainly not a cure-all for a lifetime. You can’t return to bad eating habits that created the problem in the first place and expect the DIET to protect you from gaining back the weight and falling back into old habits.


Phase 4 requires you to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and avoid overindulging. After you have completed the DIET PROTOCOL, you will be so happy and motivated to continue with your new healthy lifestyle that the old you will be gone FOREVER!


You will have a whole new outlook on life... healthy living and healthy you! 

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MB Testimonial

"Modify Body has truly changed my life.  I have always struggled to stay fit and healthy, but always seems to end up gaining more and more weight.  With this program, I dropped 34 pounds and have been motivated to keep the weight off!"